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Customer Reviews (17)

  • Ar****ez
    Es mi primer producto comprado en este sitio.
    Es un buen producto.
    Atención excelente con ayuda paso a paso y resolvieron todas mis dudas.
    Llegó en buen estado.
    Recomendado y les agradezco mucho
  • G****S
    Figure was delivered in immaculate condition. No blemishes or damages! Beautiful figure :)
  • Fo****os
    One of the best I have. Thanks Anitoysgk for letting me have this arrived in perfect condition.
  • Ví****ez
    Muy agradecido con la página ha llegado en perfecto estado, es la segunda vez en esta página que encuentro una resina que no encontraba en ningún otro lado y con un buen precio, además muy preocupados por los tramites y demás, muy recomendable la página.
  • Ví****ez
    Absolutamente increíble ha llegado en perfecto estado, la segunda vez en esta página que encuentro un producto que no encontraba en ningún otro sitio y con un buen precio, además siempre preocupados por los tramites y por todo muy agradecido y muy buena página.
  • Ma****lo
    This statue is another level and the seller was very kind and fast, he also sent the product quickly. :DDD
  • F****C
    One of the best piece. 🔥🔥🔥
  • R****R
    The Figure it self was spectacular. I partnered (L.S Splus) it with my TH studio luffy RED ROC and it partnered perfectly. After sale they are still helpful with instruction because its hard to assemble. Thank you !
  • F****C
    AnitoysGK is my best website and will make more purchases in the future
  • N****i
    Been looking for this one and Anitoys had it! Great shipping price. Everything arrived with safe studio packaging. Entire process was easy breezy. Will definitely buy from again. The 2nd head sculpt is a little weird, with his hair down, so I leave the other one on. Plushie Gon covers all the bits.
  • N****a
    I live in Russia, now it is very difficult for us to make an international transfer. But despite this, I was able to purchase this statue on this site. I would like to express my immense gratitude to the support service, this is the best support service I have ever met. They helped me at all stages, overcame all the difficulties together, and even made a special present. The store is excellent, the statue arrived very quickly (in 3 weeks) in excellent condition, well packaged. I am very glad that I was able to receive a beautiful statue in such a difficult time, and very quickly. Many thanks and success to anitoysGK!
  • ma****to
    Excellent treatment, he is a great person, he helped me at all times and I am very happy with my purchase. 100% recommendable
    Service:Gracias por su evaluación, si tiene alguna pregunta sobre nuestros productos, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.
  • Br****ck
    Hello all so I just got my gorgeous Yae Miko Figure today and assembled her. And all I have to say is she looks absolutely beautiful 😍 and she is an amazing addition to my Raiden Shogun statue #RaidenMiko

    The materials used are very good and everything about her feels very premium quality 👌

    Thanks again for selling such an amazing statue I'm super happy 😁
  • Ví****ez
    La figura perfecta y más barata que en otros sitios, el vendedor increíble, siempre preocupado avisando de las novedades sobre el envío y resolviendo mis dudas y preocupaciones. 100% recomendable.
    Service:Thank you for your recognition. We will continue to provide excellent service and a better shopping experience!
  • Br****ck
    First off If you have any doubts about ordering from AnitoysGK, get those thoughts out of your head. They are a 100% Trusted and Reliable seller and if you still don't believe me you can contact me. Email: shadowcraft328@gmail.com or on Twitter @SirShadow392.

    Next I just have to say that the Customer Service is absolutely world class amazing, Lucy any Everyone else are just the AMAZING. From fast and reliable response times to making sure that YOU have the BEST possible experience. (Seriously I can't thank you all enough) Also my personal Recommendation for communication is to use WhatsAPP. You can still use other communication methods but I found WhatsAPP to be the best.

    The statues that AnitoysGK sell are 100% without a doubt, Super High Quality and Extremely well made and definitely worth the price, if your looking for that then your in the right place. And talking Price, AnitoysGK only give the Best Price for you.

    When you order a statue from AnitoysGK they will contact you either by your chosen communication method or by Email. In my case I chose WhatsAPP, after a little time Lucy contacted my and confirmed my Name, Address, Country and Phone Number. in return I just sent Lucy my order number to confirm that it was me.

    The Packaging for the statues are always the best and properly support the statue during Shipping. Seriously don't worry about the packaging its great.

    Your Shipping option can depend of the size of the statue you buy. if its big like this Raiden Shogun 1/4 I highly recommend Sea Shipping as it is way cheaper then Air Shipping for a big box. But in the end it is your decision what shipping method you choose. Shipping times will also depend on your option. Also you will get a tracking number so you can track the progress of your shipping, if you choose Sea Shipping Lucy will help track your statue for you and give you regular updates on its progress.

    After some weeks you will receive your statue and then you are free to do as you like with it.

    Finally I just have to say that this whole experience has been absolutely amazing and if you have any questions talk to Lucy or feel free to contact me.
  • De****er
    Ordered joker 1/4 statue and pleasant surprises by customer service, they kept contact and gave updates whenever possible. Thank you for good and fast delivery! Regards Dieter
  • K****n
    Now when visiting this site, I was afraid that AnitoysGK was another scam site, well if you’re reading this do not worry. They are legit.

    At least from my experience, you can contact me if you want to know more kiwiboi-17@hotmail.com

    I’ll be separating this review in 4 parts.
    1. Is customer service – absolutely fantastic, Lucy and her team and the person I was dealing with were very friendly and diligent, they told not a single lie, even with the customs free for this Lugia. 5/5
    2. Is Packaging – Packaging in terms of the product getting to you could use some work, not sure who packs the product but no bubble wrap was use, so expect some dings in the box. BUT the internal packaging is phenomenal, the amount of foam and cotton used would definitely prevent any damage to this statue. 4/5
    3. Assembly – relatively simple to assemble but probably during painting or the creation of the resin statue some parts are not perfect, expect loose parts that will need glue or sticky pudding to prevent breakage or falling. Be very careful to not drop anything as it will break, just look at poor Lanturn. There's also magnets in some parts. 4/5
    4. Presentation – no words needed here, just look at the picture provided. 5/5 Oh they also give this neat art work of the statue that tell's you what number you got.